colonial williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

With 10 restaurants, 45 holes of golf, eight tennis courts, swimming pools, a full-service spa, bicycle rental and walking trails, Colonial Williamsburg offers experiences for every age, taste and budget. Guests enjoy exploring Colonial Williamsburg’s Revolutionary City and meeting the residents as they transform themselves from subjects of a distant king to citizens of a new republic. “Questors” from eight to 80 can experience the intrigue of the newest series in the interactive, alternate reality game, “RevQuest: Save the Revolution.” The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg surprise guests with an expansive collection that include decorative and folk arts, including the major exhibition, “A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early American South.” 

The Revolution City
Guests can immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle of the Revolutionary City and experience what it was like to be a resident of a city on the verge of war — or in the midst of it — while exploring the government buildings, shops, homes, gardens, historic trades and taverns in the colonial capital.  Townspeople, tradesmen, shopkeepers, political figures, women and slaves share their hopes, struggles and fears in these uncertain pre-war times. The challenges of daily life are set against the backdrop of revolution, an angry mob storms the Governor’s Palace and news of the Declaration of Independence arrives. Buzzing with political discussion and dispute, the city comes alive. 

Engagement and Hands-on Experiences
More than 20 guided and self-guided tours offered daily are included in a Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket. The tours provide an in-depth look at the homes and gardens of Williamsburg’s 18th-century residents, offer the perspective of a museum curator and provide an overview of all the Revolutionary City offers. Children enjoy marching with the Fifes and Drums of Colonial Williamsburg, learning how to hold their weapon as newly enlisted members of the militia, helping with daily household chores, playing games colonial children enjoyed or creating their own folk art to take home. Guests can discover what goes on behind the scenes at the Rockefeller library, object conservation, and educational outreach facilities to provide guests an authentic experience and tour the costume shop, where each item of clothing worn by actor interpreters in the Revolutionary City are sewn by hand. Guests can learn about the archaeological finds that informed the rebuilding of the Public Armoury. There’s a variety of daily activities to customize and complement each visit. From a romantic carriage ride to an in-depth look at art exhibits, guests can discover unique and unforgettable Colonial Williamsburg experiences. After the sun goes down, music, dancing, games, shows, and ghostly tales abound taking a visit well into the evening. Costume rental available at the Visitor Center and the Marketplace near the Magazine enhances the experience.

Save The Revolution!
The city explodes with secret activity led by a cast of real historical characters as “RevQuest: The King’s Advance,” the fifth in a series of alternate reality spy games, gets under way this spring through November. Guests receive clues via text message and become agents for the committee for secret correspondence to help save the Revolution. More information on ticketing and events is available online at or by calling 1-855-296-6627.